Experience: Reach

Our Reach = Your Benefit

Experience: Reach

Synteract has been working with small-to-mid-sized and emerging, highly innovative companies for three decades, in the US, Europe and various destinations around the globe. Our reach brings great benefit to those who choose to work with us in multiple locations:

  • We offer clients study specific consulting and guidance for operationalizing trials based on locale, phase and therapeutic needs.
  • We have experienced, regionally-based US and EU teams familiar with local language, regulatory requirements and cultural nuances.
  • We guide the sponsor in planning for both FDA and EMA regulatory requirements from early phases.
  • We work with top investigative sites, consultants and opinion leaders to offer expert insights at any point in the project life cycle.
  • In coordination, both our US-based and EU-based feasibility teams can develop plans to facilitate recruitment and access to appropriate patient populations, globally.
  • By understanding your drug development plans, we can support conducting trials around the world to open up new market and investor/investment opportunities for our clients.

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