Rescue Trials

Getting Your Clinical Trial Back on Track


Rescue Trials

Sometimes clinical studies don’t go according to plan. There are three key indicators that a project is at risk: time, quality, and cost. Missing key milestones can delay a study and push timelines further back. Poor site training can result in multiple protocol violations, and poor monitoring can lead to missing data. Change order, timeline adjustments, and redoing the same work all negatively impact the bottom line.

If these issues are challenges for you, it may be time to move forward with a better CRO – one with strong leadership, the ability to define and meet its timeline and scope-of-work, and a proven track record of successfully rescuing studies with established processes and systems.

Synteract is a Rescue Study Expert

Synteract has rescued more than 40 studies over the past decade. We take a proactive approach to rescue studies, making sure that we have open communications to learn what happened and why the previous study didn’t work out. We establish firm expectations for moving forward by setting timelines, assessing risks for each step, and implementing processes that will solve problems.

Our rescue study process involves:

  • Reviewing all study elements
  • Assessing teams, databases, study plans and timelines
  • Identifying and solving key issues that may prevent study success
  • Implementing the revised study rescue plan
  • Working with the previous CRO and other vendors as necessary
  • Developing an expedited timeline to get the study back on track

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