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Qualified investigators play a crucial role in the development of new drugs and medical devices. We are interested in engaging with experienced investigators who can be collaborative partners in managing successful clinical trials to test products that will combat disease and improve the health and quality of life for people worldwide.

Why Participate?

Clinical physicians who participate in clinical trials gain advantages:

  • Professional development – you’ll be in the know for new advances in your medical specialty
  • Collaboration – you’ll have the opportunity to interact with colleagues and peers to exchange ideas and knowledge
  • Advancing patient care – the investigative process helps new medicines and devices come to market, often offering treatment options to your patients that are otherwise unavailable.

Work with a Team You Can Trust

Synteract offers investigators exciting opportunities in clinical research, working with teams of experts from our company. In the past few years, we have worked on more than 3,400 projects and managed thousands of patients worldwide. We have been a trusted outsourcing partner to clients for nearly 3 decades, and are proud to have supported more than 240 product approvals over our years of operation.

Opportunities for Investigators are Available Worldwide

If you’re an investigator interested in participating in the highest quality clinical research, please click the Investigator Registration link and complete the form. We’ll contact you when appropriate studies arise.

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