Neuro Degenerative Expertise


In the past 5 years:

  • 140+ Clinical Trials
  • 30+ Indications
  • 2,500 Sites
  • 30,000 Patients

At Synteract, we understand the central nervous system is complex. In the last 5 years alone, we have managed more than 140 neuro degenerative trials across all phases of development.

Though neuro degenerative diseases can impact patients of all ages, the numbers are set to rise as elderly populations double between now and 2050. This produces another set of challenges. Clinical trials for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and psychiatric disorders pose challenges to recruitment, with lack of awareness and greater focus on acute health needs; subjective scales for clinical assessment and a limited number of validated biomarkers; and cultural barriers. As studies become more complex, so does the burden of study participation on patients and their caregivers. Therefore, making studies as easy to participate in as possible is our goal here at Synteract.

Synteract has extensive experience in clinical development programs for drugs that address Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, migraine, schizophrenia, and other neuro degenerative, pain, and psychiatric disorders. We can manage your entire clinical trial, provide a la carte services, or rescue failing trials with a reliable, experienced expansion of your in-house team.

We understand the challenges, from drug compliance and accountability to patient consent and retention. At Synteract, our knowledgeable project teams, therapeutic experts, and access to top investigative sites can help you develop the best strategies to conduct your clinical studies and focus on what matters most: developing treatments to improve functioning and help the lives of patients.

Neuro Degenerative Projects Performed By Synteract

Neuro Degenerative Pie Chart

140+ projects over 5 years

  • A - Pain: 32%
  • B - Neuro Degenerative Disease: 31%
  • C - Other: 19%
  • D - Psychiatry: 18%

Our highly skilled clinical research professionals understand the challenges associated with your complex neuro degenerative trials and understand how important the outcomes are to both caregivers and patients. That is why we are passionate to bring clinical trials to life and help you to bring new treatments to market.


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