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Synteract Named Top Performer with Five Life Science Leader 2016 CRO Awards

Synteract Named Top Performer with Five Life Science Leader 2016 CRO Awards
03 June 2016

Synteract has been honored with five 2016 CRO Leadership Awards from Life Science Leader magazine. The company received recognition as a top performer in the categories of capabilities, compatibility, expertise, quality and reliability based on survey responses from biopharma executives.

Synteract was among more than 65 contract research organizations of all sizes assessed for 27 performance metrics in a survey developed for Life Science Leader magazine by Industry Standard Research (ISR). Winners were decided after being rated by decision-making executives at biopharmaceutical companies.

Executive Editor Ed Miseta of Life Science Leader noted that “the CROs receiving an award this year are truly at the top of their class, and are deserving of the recognition they receive. Being a top performer in any of these categories shows expertise and commitment to clinical trials and serving the needs of biopharmaceutical companies and their patients.”

Respondents came from three categories of companies: big pharma, small pharma and overall, which included a combination of scores from both big and small pharma. Synteract won in the following groupings:


  • Compatibility

Big Pharma:

  • Capabilities
  • Compatibility
  • Expertise
  • Quality

“Our international team of experts deserves these awards for the fantastic jobs they do in supporting our biopharma clients,” said Synteract CEO Wendel Barr. “We are very pleased to be acknowledged in this manner by both the publication and our clients. Thank you!”

Synteract was previously honored with Life Science Leader CRO awards in 2015, when the company won in the emerging pharma category for innovation, reliability, productivity and regulatory expertise.


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