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Synteract and The GOG Foundation Teaming Agreement

Synteract and The GOG Foundation Teaming Agreement
04 June 2017

At Synteract, we believe in partnering with likeminded organizations that share our mission and values of developing a better future for patients through the commitment of our people.

Through our recent Teaming Agreement with the GOG Foundation, Inc., Synteract and GOG are working together to make strides in supporting gynecologic oncology research studies. The relationship will offer a streamlined process for drug development companies to improve the site selection and study start-up process as well as facilitate high quality, rapid trial execution.

The GOG Foundation is a non-profit focused on gynecologic oncology research that partners with biopharmaceutical drug developers that research innovative therapies in gynecologic cancer indications. GOG helps biopharma developers with clinical trial protocol development, feasibility, budgeting and other aspects and was looking for a clinical trial services partner.

Selected out of several CROs, Synteract will support GOG-related sponsors with any/all components of clinical trials, including clinical trial services, data management, medical and regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and biostatistics, as well as customized services, to meet their needs. Our experts will also recommend GOG to sponsors it is working with or who approach it for an RFP, giving them instant access to the GOG network of physicians and institutions to simplify the process of finding patients and investigators.

We are excited for this partnership and the opportunity to work with the GOG team to further support our clients in bringing new oncology treatments to gynecological patients who need them.


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