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Synteract Inc. Completes Hardware and Software Upgrade of Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) Platform

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Synteract, Inc. announces the successful installation and validation of the Envox 6.3 Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The new system has been redesign to keep pace with the growing demand for IVRS development by centering the overall system architecture to maximize scalability and reliability. The leading edge software platform now provides the following enhancement highlights:

  • Graphical Programming Environment allows for faster development and assembly of IVRS applications by utilizing pre-built and pre-validated "functional blocks" for advanced call control, executing VoiceXML scripts, menu presentation, web page interaction, email management, data integration, speech interfaces, cryptography and fax.
  • System is fully compatible with VoiceXML 2.0, enabling developers to create robust solutions using features such as advanced call control and data integration that are not yet native to VoiceXML.
  • Built in source code version control, allowing the use of Visual Source Safe directly from the development environment to facilitate change management and version control in large, collaborative development projects.
  • Hardware enhancements include dedicated servers for development and two mirrored production services providing redundancy in the unlikely event of system failure. "Smart switches" have been added that perform a continuous "network-ping" to ensure that the production servers are operational. The switches automatically reroute incoming calls to the back up production machine if the primary server is offline. Other enhancements include the addition of two T-1 lines dedicated to the IVRS.

"Clearly, we've taken it upon ourselves to thoroughly re-build and validate a more robust and extremely reliable IVRS infrastructure for our clients," said Toby Odenheim, Associate Director of Software Services. "We feel that Synteract is now strategically positioned in this space and we plan to aggressively market this service offering over the next 6-12 months."

Synteract IVRS applications continue to support features such as randomizations (permuted block and dynamic), subject diaries, automated callouts/reminders, drug inventory, and site management, and call forwarding for medical monitors.

About Synteract, Inc.
Established in 1995, Synteract is a privately held, full-service contract research organization, dedicated to meeting the various needs of biotechnology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and drug industry firms. Based in Carlsbad, CA, with a branch office in Fort Washington, the Company provides expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas and maintains a wealth of knowledge in oncology, ophthalmology, HIV, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and pain. Since 2000, Synteract has been a key development shop for web, wireless and voice data solutions that speed the completion of clinical trials and assist in access to clinical trials information. This includes technologies such as electronic data capture (EDC), interactive voice response systems (IVRS), and automated safety tracking and reporting. Synteract has offices in Carlsbad, CA. and Fort Washington, PA.

For information please visit us at or call (760) 268.8200.

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